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Earlier in this year of 2017, I traveled north to the region of the world in which Chinese medicine originated and is widely practiced in today. Three of my gracious fellow students at SSNT provided me the leads to the three hospitals which I visited, those being È-Dà Hospital 義大醫院 in Kāohsiúng of Southern Taiwan, where I spent two and a half months; Dézhōu City Chinese Medicine Hospital 德州市中医院 in China's Shāndōng province, where I spent nineteen days; and Táipěi Tzú-Chì Hospital 臺北慈濟醫院 in Taiwan's capital, where I spent four weeks. The trip was a chance to observe in full swing the profession which I had recently spent four years studying from scratch, and was very insightful. Sitting in on the clinic sessions of twenty-two different doctors, many of whom had several decades of experience, in the three separated locations which I visited, also gave me the chance to observe a range of different practice styles. Most of the time I was accompanied in these sessions by local intern students, who were generally at an essentially similar stage of their study as I, being in the fifth year of their degree as many of them were; and so, with this common ground, companionship outside of work hours was usually not far away, which made the entire experience feel more like I was over there just having a great time. The larger hospitals also have residence quarters attached where foreign students can stay for a really affordable price. The trip was an interesting way of capping off my education before taking on some of the commitments that come with entry into the professional world. I would recommended it, particularly to those graduates like me who are into Chinese language, while opportunities of this sort can be arranged for non-Chinese speaking graduates with the aid of translators. There is much for me to reflect on from this trip, which I will continue to do utilising the notes which I have taken.

È-Dà Hospital 義大醫院


Dézhōu City Chinese Medicine Hospital 德州市中医院

Táipěi Tzú-Chì Hospital 臺北慈濟醫院

- Chad Ryan

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