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General health tips

General health tips

By Chad Ryan

Eat a substantial meal before noon. Eats soups in winter and salads in summer. When eating meat, accompany it with salad or vegetables, or at least some tomato sauce. Be active in youth, and maintain a regular exercise routine as you age. Develop routine, but do things which break your routine occasionally. Push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, but not too far beyond it. If you face the elements, keep moving. Don't stand still in cold water above the waist for long periods. If you feel scattered, be still. If you feel pent up, go for a walk, or express yourself. When you overcome a challenge, or achieve a milestone, or reach a stage where you require consoling, allow yourself a treat. Do things which make you happy. When things are going well, show restraint. Do things in moderation. Adjust to the seasons, allowing yourself good sleeps in winter. Don't walk on cold tiles in bare feet. Have sex while sober. Don't multitask too much, and pause before changing to a radically new direction or activity. Integrate your mind and body, balancing demanding mental tasks with physical exercise within your daily routine, and slowing down activity before sleeping. Dress adequately, covering yourself from the wind and summer sun, but don't overdress. Avoid wearing damp clothes or leaving them in your bedroom. Be joyous while eating. Be wary of becoming overjoyous. Don't put ice in your drinking water. Take time to ground yourself after a long journey. Don't get bored. Follow your heart. Nurture your motivation. Don't rush. Face irrational fears when you are ready to do so. Approach unknown situations cautiously to avoid shock. Avoid placing yourself in situations which could cause emotional distress. Don't party when you are run down. Be balanced. Mourn or at least acknowledge disappointment. Don't skip meals. Avoid snacking. If you don't feel like doing something, think about it, and if it is necessary that you do it, wait a moment until you have a greater sense of conviction before doing it. Stimulate your imagination. Spend time in nature observing nature. Be disciplined but kind to yourself. Value yourself. Eat food of different colours. Know your personal strengths and weaknesses, and take heed of the lessons which can be learnt from your genetic ancestors. Be open to the concept of variation in ideal health practices according to regional and climatic variation. Don't eat rich foods and spicy foods at the same time. Regarding your health, make observations of cause and effect. Understand that all people are different. Seek treatment if you are sick. Be calm. Understand that good health starts with you.

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